What we do...

We like immersive stuff


The future of entertainment for retail and commercial spaces. We craft immersive experiences from concept to distribution for 360 films, CGI experiences, and virtual reality games that transport you to another world.


We create augmented reality apps that overlay your physical surroundings with playful digital content. Transform your retail store or luxury boutique into an interactive playground.


We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to activate public and retail environments. Augmenting the customer journey with virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences. We believe that immersive, entertaining and interactive multimedia has the power to build social solidarity and add a touch of wonder to the world.


XR Games that entertain & connect people. We ideate, build and distribute gamification platforms & ecosystems for different contexts, from retail pop-ups to flagship stores and boutiques for all kinds of mediums.

Filming & Animation

Filming and animation content to post-production across different media platforms and distribution channels from social media to IMAX projections.

Full Dome Projection

Social immersion. Let your clients step into your brand universe through a shared experience. We have two full-domes available for rental. A 10m that fits 25 people and a 16m that fits 100 people.

Digital Design Consulting

Co-creative processes bring people together for shared visions. We develop concepts together with your team and provide business strategies that enable you to implement your vision. From internal applications and strategies to full-fledged commercial campaigns with state-of-the-art technology.

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